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Ty Syčáci

Ty Syčáci band originated in 2000 as an initiative of Petr Váša, one of the most notable personalities on the Czech alternative scene. Váša is an extraordinary singer, lyricist, performer and experimenter, the only Czech musician who can play literally with his whole body (he himself describes this style, which brought him fame already when performing one-man shows, as „physical poetry“). His band mates in Ty Syčáci are Petr Zavadil (guitar) and Tomáš Fröhlich (bass guitar), both ex-members of Pluto. The band has been already playing in Czech clubs since 2000. To categorize the music of Ty Syčáci is a hard nut to crack for many music critics: the style of the band resists being classified. In general, it can be said that it includes rock, jazz, Moravian folklore and world music. This unsubsumability results in a very wide range of audience – from high school students to seasoned lovers of classical guitar rock.

The basic instrumental composition of Ty Syčáci (guitar, bass guitar and vcocals) can be accompanied by percussions, balalaika, stick or mini-disc.
The first act of the newly created band (Váša – Zavadil – Fröhlich) was the song cycle called Máj v dubnu (May in April). The homonymous CD was released in Septemver of 2000 and it was awarded the prize of the Independent association of music critics Periskop – Žlutá ponorka 2000 (Yellow Submarine 2000). The second album Lék a jed (Medicine and poisson) was released in May of 2001 and it formally follows the previous Máj v dubnu. A great musical adventure followed when the band worked on tje performance called "SSSS" (Samota – Sláva – Smrt a Spása) (Solitude, Glory, Death, Salvation) commissioned in 2000 by the organizers of the Prague's Next Wave festival. Petr Váša wrote a libretto for a piece of work, which he himself describes as a "punk opera", and than the band set it to music. The first night of the performance took place in Prague's Divadlo Na zábradlí in October of 2001 and 2CD was released in 2002.
Two years later the band started to work on another large project, the eco-psychologic opera "Lišák je lišák" (The fox is a fox). This opera with the subtitle „A play about the painful atonement of a man who was terribly wrong“ has four acts and epilogue. This fourth great work of the band is a part of a global multimedial project that includes music, literatire, design and perhaps theatre and fil. The 2CD was released in 2005.
During 2006, Ty Syčáci started to prepare the retrospection of their production and in November of 2007 they released their last album „BUM BUM BUM“ with the subtitle „The Best and Drums“, that contains the selection from all released albums recorded with new arrangements with a drummer.

The strongest point of Ty Syčáci is their uncompromising sharp style and their continuous effort in externalizing their ideas. What was typical for the physical poet Váša, applies also to the band: It does not adapt to genres, it creates them.